I took this in “The Body Shop.” Yes I am a card carrying Body Shop customer.

I assume they posted this on their wall so that everyone knows what their values are as an organization. It is their way to make sure every customer and employee remembers what they represent.

So just in case you haven’t read Parenting Beyond Your Capacity, we want to post our family values this week to give everyone a context for this blog. Since the book is based on a tradition that was practiced in the ancient Hebrew culture of writing truths on the “doorposts” of the average home, here are our 5 primary values:

Family Value #1: Widen the Circle

Pursue strategic relationships for your kids.

Family Value #2: Imagine the End

Focus your priorities on what matters most.

Family Value #3: Fight for the Heart

Communicate in a style that gives the relationship value.

Family Value #4: Create a Rhythm

Increase the quantity of quality time you spend together.

Family Value #5: Make It Personal

Put yourself first when it comes to personal growth.

Even though they are expanded in our recent book on parenting, for the next few weeks we are going to clarify what each one of these values means. We think most of the important issues related to family come back to one of these five values. Maybe posting them on our blog will give us a chance to amplify them in a way that will give everyone a point of reference for what we talk about each week here on Orange Parents.