Singer/songwriter Christy Nockels talks to mothers about how to change their perspectives on motherhood’s menial tasks in today’s episode.

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Singer/songwriter Christy Nockels talks to mothers about how to change their perspectives on motherhood’s menial tasks in today’s episode.


  • Fill up spiritually first. Before your day gets busy, take some alone time to connect with God through prayer, journaling, and music.
  • Embrace God may want to speak to you through these seemingly mundane moments and open your heart and mind to receive His wisdom.
  • Create a family playlist of songs so you can discuss the themes together.


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Moms often feel overstretched. They want to be everything for everyone — the perfect mom with endless amounts of patience and the attentive wife with unlimited support, all while maintaining the household with poise and grace. Unfortunately, ‘grace’ isn’t the word many would use while changing the 10th diaper of the day or washing intricately-designed sippy cups.

Christy Nockels remembers those feelings when her kids were toddler age more than 15 years ago. Couple that with her music career’s demanding travel schedule and she felt overwhelmed by the pace. But it’s usually during those moments, the moments when you’re at the end of your rope, when God speaks to your heart.

The hard part of sacrificing

Christy remembers fighting with God when He placed the urging on her heart to put motherhood before her career. He gently reminded her this was an area of her heart He wanted to change and for her to trust Him.

“I had an Abraham and Isaac moment of laying something down, and that was my career,” Christy shares. “He literally asked me to lay my career down for motherhood.”

Though it was one of the hardest things she’s had to do, Christy now sees God’s faithfulness as He reordered her steps and priorities.

Finding God in the mundane

For the mom who feels pinned under the responsibilities of motherhood, Christy has some wisdom for your heart:

“We think the menial and mundane tasks are the things we have to drudge through to get to the glorious things,” she says. “But the glory is in those tasks if we’re really brave to see it.”

The mother of three encourages mothers to slow down instead of rushing to get beyond this season and be comforted by the truth that God will shape your heart in these moments, and one day, you’ll be able to speak life into other mothers who will one day experience the same things you are right now.


Christy Nockels


Christy is a wife, mother, singer, poet, songwriter and podcast host. She has long had a huge appreciation for music and it’s role it plays in the kingdom of God. As a worship leader for many years, she has been an integral part of Passion Conferences. A pastor’s kid, who was born in Fort Worth and raised in Oklahoma she’s seen first-hand music sweep people into the presence of God in a powerful way.

Kristen Ivy - Parent Cue Live Host


Kristen is the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange, Director of The Phase Project, and co-author of Playing For Keeps and It’s Just a Phase – So Don’t Miss It. She combines her degree in secondary education with a Master of Divinity and lives with her husband, Matt, and their three children, Sawyer,  Hensley, and Raleigh, in Cumming, GA.

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Carlos is an author, speaker, and content creator living in Nashville, TN with his wife Heather and 3 kids Sohaila, Seanna, and Losiah. He is addicted to social media, his wife’s enchiladas, and is determined to have his daughters teach him to land a backflip on the trampoline by the time he is 45.

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