Eryn Eddy, a social entrepreneur, speaker, and art director, joins host, Kristen Ivy, to talk about how self-love radically boosts confidence in our children.

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Eryn Eddy, a social entrepreneur, speaker, and art director, joins host, Kristen Ivy, to talk about how self love radically boosts confidence in our children.  


  • Help your kids face the pain of a first failure or rejection. First heartbreaks take root in us. However, if left unconfronted, that rejection starts to alter how we view ourselves. So take the opportunity of your child’s failure or rejection to teach them the importance of acknowledging these challenges instead of leaning away from them. Dealing with them in a healthy way promotes healthy self worth.
  • Learn to love yourself so you can love your children well. If you don’t love yourself wholeheartedly, it will be nearly impossible to have the capacity to love those around you, including your children. Self love begins when you believe you’re worthy of love.
  • Stay present. We often see our children through the lens of what needs to be fixed. Eryn Eddy encourages us to stay in the moment with our kids, and compliment a value you see in them.


Our kids arguably have it much harder than us in many ways — they’re dealing with stuff now that wasn’t even created when we were their age. Today’s kids’ confidence is often influenced heavily by outside forces we wish we could control but can’t — social media and peer groups. As a result, our kids often feel stressed out and like they can’t measure up.

But us parents know just how critical confidence is to the growing up process, so we’re all intent on raising confident kids. But how?

On today’s episode, we talk to Eryn Eddy, founder of So Worth Loving, a lifestyle clothing brand that aims to remind people they are valuable and worthy of love. Since adolescence, Eryn has had one mission imprinted on her heart — to encourage people to see themselves for who they truly are.

So of course it was only fitting we talk to Eryn about such an important topic as nurturing confidence in our kids, especially as they get older. At the heart of diminished self worth, Eryn says, is when both kids and adults don’t face the pain of their first rejection or failure head on.

You don’t want to miss this relevant, heartfelt episode, parents. If you’ve been wondering how to keep your kids confidence in tact, how to properly handle when your kids do something you don’t agree with, and how to help your kids become the best version of themselves, tune in!

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