Gratitude Challenge

Use the prompts in this Gratitude Challenge to practice being grateful as a family. With options to fit your busy family schedule, this Challenge will help you all be intentional about giving thanks all month long, occasionally, or on Thanksgiving Day! 

OPTION #1: As a family, go through the chart all month long and randomly pick a box. (Note: There isn’t a prompt for every single day of the month. We realize it’s difficult to make this happen every day.) Read a prompt and ask each family member to think of a person or story that comes to mind and share it with everyone. Print out the calendar, put it in a frame with glass, and use a dry erase marker to mark off boxes as you complete them. 

OPTION #2: If you can’t physically be together, type out the prompt in a group text.

OPTION #3: If you want to remember your answers, fill in each box with each person’s answers. Or have each person fill in their own chart.

OPTION #4: If possible, send a thank you note, text, email, or handmade card to the people you think about to let them know you are thankful for them.

OPTION #5: Planning a Thanksgiving dinner? Go around the table and have each person pick a prompt and share about a person or story that comes to mind.