Rhythm in your home actually shapes your family values.
Think about it.
It establishes what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.
The rhythm in your home determines what gets talked about and what doesn’t get talked about.

What we are inviting you to do is to become more intentional about making the rhythm in your home more strategic. After you have evaluated the typical routines in your home, think of ways you could improve your rhythm. There are so many different possibilities:

*Decide on a night that could be established as a possible opportunity to transform a meal into a meaningful interactive family time.

*Identify one thing you can do to make bedtime more significant for your kids.

*Consider establishing a morning or night out with your kids individually, every week or month. (Make sure if you are married you establish one of these with your spouse too-– it can make an important statement to your children.

*If there is a typical time you have a lengthy drive together as a family, come up with some interesting questions that help you discover something about each other or have a meaningful conversation.

*Think of creative ways you can send them a verbal or written message to encourage them every week or so. (Surprise them with text, email, note in their book bag or lunch.)

What are some other ways to create a more effective rhythm in your home?