I really love taking pictures. This is  a shot of my son and daughter in a subway station in New York City. I have been trained mostly in the photojournalist style, to try to capture an image that tells the story. I think that’s why I have an aversion to the posed picture. I’m not suggesting it’s wrong. It’s just not usually a true representation of what is going on in someone’s life.

I recently discovered AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. It’s a collection of those poses that so many families have hoped would capture a memory. If you look closely, you can discover some hilarious scenes that expose some interesting moments in the story of their family. But the point is, it’s not really who they are. It’s just a snapshot in time. It doesn’t really reveal what is happening behind closed doors, or the depth of the drama that exists in their life.

I once heard someone say, “You can’t measure a man by a moment.” I actually think the same is true for a family. You can’t measure a family by a single frame. Its not one image that defines their story. It’s a collection of defining moments that make a family. The truth is, there is a degree of dysfunction in all of our homes. We all have our awkward family photos.

So we decided to collect a few and post them here as a reminder that there is a much bigger story in all of our lives. It is a story that will stretch our faith, define our character, and challenge us to value the very relationships that are molding us into who we are becoming.

If you have an awkward family photo, please send it to us at this email.