Since we launched this parenting blog in 2009, some of us have . . .

Lost well over 2,000 hours of sleep
Changed approximately 14,560 diapers
Watched Toy Story 2 . . . 65 times
Spent about $200 on teeth we don’t know what do to with
Sat through somewhere around 595 hours of soccer practice
Ordered 120 supreme pizzas
Washed and folded about 2,000 loads of laundry

As parents, life moves pretty fast.

And things change.

That’s why we thought it might be time to change some things up here, too. After five great years of Orange Parents, we are excited to bring you . . . drum roll . . .



Why Parent Cue? Well it’s simple. This is a blog.

It’s not an encyclopedia on everything you need to know.
It’s not an exhaustive training course to make sure your kids “turn out.”
It’s not a counseling hotline you can call when you have a help-I-can’t-believe-my-child-just . . .- crisis.

This blog is a cue. It’s a prompt. Because, really, your probably already really busy doing all the things you should do to invest in your kids and to help them on their way to adulthood—and hopefully out of your house.  But just because you are really busy doing great things, doesn’t mean it’s easy to stay focused on what’s important. That’s where we come in. We want to make it easy for you to remember what’s important.

If you’re like us, and most of the parents we know . . .

You probably aren’t looking for more information, you want better information.
You aren’t hoping for more responsibility, you want deeper relationships.
You don’t need more activities, you want your activity to matter more.

Our goal is to deliver just that.

To remind you why what you do is so important

To help you focus on what matters most

To discover parenting along with you, so you know you’re not in this alone.

Not all at once. Just little by little.

Week by week.

We want to cue you so you can make the most of the weeks you have with your kids.

So we changed our name, we gave our blog a new look, and we’ve added some brand new voices to the mix. We’re excited for this brand new phase and hope you are too!

As we launch the new Parent Cue blog, what’s one thing you would like us to talk about that would help you do family a little bit better? Or, what has been your biggest parenting issue over the last 5 years?