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[Best of PCL] Six Gifts Every Kid Needs

Reggie Joiner, founder and CEO of The reThink Group, joins hosts, Carlos Whittaker and Kristen Ivy, to talk about six gifts every child needs to feel loved, gain perspective, and… Read More

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Why You Should Go on an Adventure with Your Family

I come from a family of campers. Tent campers, to be exact. I suppose it’s always been in my DNA, with parents who loved National Parks and toured us all… Read More

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15 Minutes to Being a Great Parent

Being a great mom is SO easy. You just have to play Barbies with your kids all day long. Maybe sometimes take a break to play Candyland. Chores are so unnecessary!! These were actual thoughts I remember having as a child. My… Read More

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What Your Preschooler Really Needs for Christmas

My “baby” is now 20-years-old. I consider myself to be a fairly good gift-giver, but his 20th birthday had me stumped. He is living in an apartment at college, semi-independent, cooking his own food and cleaning his own bathroom. He doesn’t need… Read More

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Catch Them Doing It Right

Several years ago, our team was asked to design a program to help public schools teach kids character. One of the tools we provided was a "Value-able" card to award a child with free ice cream when they did something that demonstrated respect,… Read More

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Switch One Word and Change Your Family Dynamics

Growing up, I always knew I wanted a family of my own—the wife, the kids, the whole bit. In college, I remember having “deep” conversations with friends about how I was going to do family right. I remember thinking, I’m going to be… Read More

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When Making a Big Deal Out of Little Things Is a Good Idea

Okay, I admit it. I sometimes often overdo things. If I find a shirt I love that fits well, I’ve been known to buy it in two colors. If it’s on sale? … I mean, how many colors are there? Is there… Read More

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How Parenting Makes Me Insane

Sundays, in our family, are our home maintenance days. It’s the day we do piles of laundry that have accumulated over the week, pick up the stray Legos, put away a clean dishwasher, or load a dirty one, do the grocery shopping… Read More

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Should You Let Your Kids See You Fight?

You may have already weighed in on the age-old parenting debate: should you let your kids see you fight? Clearly, the question springs out of the pain too many kids grew up witnessing. For sure, there are some things kids should never… Read More