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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Wise Choices

Any of these sound familiar? Dad, can I ride my skateboard down the driveway and into the street? Mom, can we jump off the roof into the pool? Mom, can… Read More
Episode 74

PCL 74: Why Honesty Has Such An Impact On Our Kids’ Future

Founder and CEO of The reThink Group, Reggie Joiner, joins host, Kristen Ivy, to talk about why honesty — and parents being a safe place for kids — will shape… Read More


Raising A Kind Person

So how kind have your kids been lately? That is one of your goals as a parent right? Along with a good education, health, financial autonomy, faith in God, you hope your kids will be nice, at least some of the time.… Read More


A Gratitude Adjustment

Of all the qualities God tries to build into our character, gratitude seems to be one of the most obvious. It doesn’t take long to tell if someone is thankful or not. It’s the kind of quality that sets a pattern for… Read More

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Holding the Line in Parenting

One of my favorite movie scenes comes from Braveheart. William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, is standing with a small army of Scottish warriors staring in the face of a charging English Cavalry. Do you remember the scene? As the horses are… Read More

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Stories that Teach Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be hard. We all have this tendency to our hurt and carry it around like a weight in a backpack. We just keep piling in those hurts, until we bend and break beneath the weight of our bitterness. Even as… Read More

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How to Help Kids Love to Learn

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” It’s well known that Einstein was never one for the classroom. While he excelled in many of his studies, school left him frustrated. He eventually dropped out of… Read More