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Raising Kids Who Embrace Those Who are Different

“Mommy, what’s wrong with that kid?” Your child just blurted out an earnest question. . . in front of someone who appears to have a disability or simply looks different,… Read More
Episode 40

PCL 40: Why You Need to Talk About Race With Your Kids

Latasha Morrison, the founder of Be The Bridge, says reconciliation in a racially divided country begins with conversations at home. In today’s episode, she’ll share how you can start equipping… Read More

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Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Talking to Your Kids About Racism

In light of recent events, many parents are reacting with uncertainty on how to talk about these disturbing and scary times with their kids. And while we want to address it, at the same time, we wish we could shelter them from… Read More

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5 Ways to Get Comfortable with Different

When my kids were younger, my wife used to go to the grocery store with our three toddlers. She would often joke that the cashier would give her a “certain look.” A look that she felt said . . . “You need… Read More

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This Is My America (This Is Yours, Too)

My family is Korean-American, children of immigrants. We're what the media would call "devout, evangelical Christians." We have a son who is disabled, non-verbal with autism and ADHD. Especially living in the middle of hyper-excellent Silicon Valley, we're well-acquainted with feeling like “an… Read More