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Post Election Conversations: Your Kids are Listening More Than You Think

Yesterday was a strange day. This is the fifth election in which I was old enough to vote, and I cannot remember one with this level of intensity. Maybe I’ve… Read More
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PCL [Bonus]: How to Talk with Your Kids About the Election Results

On the day after the election, how are we supposed to talk to our kids about the outcome of the election? Listen in on this impromptu, thought-provoking discussion with Carlos… Read More

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How To Talk To Your Kids about the Election

Every four years, we Americans have a unique opportunity to talk with our children about the presidential election. It’s that time again, so I thought it would be helpful to review the best steps you can take. How to talk to your… Read More

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Embracing What’s To Come

I remember being told from day one of parenting, that the years would go by fast. That I should be “numbering my days.” And like all mothers, I accepted the nostalgic platitude, and then went about worrying how I would make it… Read More