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Why It’s Important to Have Family Traditions

What does your family do during the holidays? How do you plan to celebrating July 4th together as a family? How important do you think it is to establish traditions… Read More

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Why You Should Go on an Adventure with Your Family

I come from a family of campers. Tent campers, to be exact. I suppose it’s always been in my DNA, with parents who loved National Parks and toured us all… Read More

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What Your Preschooler Really Needs for Christmas

My “baby” is now 20-years-old. I consider myself to be a fairly good gift-giver, but his 20th birthday had me stumped. He is living in an apartment at college, semi-independent, cooking his own food and cleaning his own bathroom. He doesn’t need… Read More

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6 Tips to Help Broken Families Enjoy Christmas

In part one of this blog series, my sister painted a pretty honest picture of what our Christmases looked like growing up. (Click here to read part one.) Depending on if you count the Christmas our dad moved out, I had seven… Read More

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Divorced at Christmas

Christmas is a season that evokes a lot of memories. Some memories are sweet. Some memories are bitter sweet. Some memories are just bitter. I’m fortunate enough to have some of every variety but one from Christmas Day 2002 stands out particularly… Read More

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Is Vacation Really Vacation When You Have Kids?

I remember one of the hardest days I had when I first became a parent. It wasn’t watching my little guy get a shot and realizing that the world would hurt him in ways I would be unable to stop. It was… Read More