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A New, Old-Fashioned Christmas Tradition for Your Family – FREE GIFT

December 24th, 1972 – My sister and I are huddled in the back seat of my Dad’s Buick rumbling down interstate 64 from my grandmother’s house in Dunbar, to our… Read More

Family Traditions

Have Yourself a Rustic Little Christmas

My 15-year-old daughter has leadership gifts. While I recognize this is a God-given talent—and He has plans for her that will incorporate these amazing skills—I also confess I am the father… Read More

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What Happens at Dinner

If you were a fly on the wall of my house between 5:00 and 5:30 pm you would observe something that—after some time—you might describe as dinner. You would notice how seemingly haphazard, disorganized, and muddled it was, but at some point,… Read More

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Why Family Vacations Need to be a Non-Negotiable

It's funny what your kids remember. I was doing some reminiscing with my 18 and 22 year old sons recently. We were talking about the good times we had when they were younger. I was remembering the. . . dinner conversations parties… Read More