Navigating Crisis

Crisis | Navigating Crisis

What My 5-Year-Old Taught Me in My Darkest Moment

Recently, my husband and I welcomed our third daughter, Sailor. I can’t tell you how excited I was to be pregnant—and even more excited to have another girl! (One day I’ll write a blog post about people who say, ‘Oh, I’m so… Read More

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The Truth about Talking to Your Children About Loss

Conversations Happen Over Blueberries and Bathwater “My husband died when my children were in preschool. He was sick for twelve hours with an illness the ER doctors misdiagnosed, and he died on our bedroom floor two days before Christmas. Overnight, my children… Read More

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Through the Tough Decisions

During my first year of youth ministry, my husband and I had siblings that were also teenagers. My youngest sister would tell you that my role in her life was more similar to one of a parent than it was a sister.… Read More

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A Place to Fail

Ninety percent of parenting is mental, the other half is physical. In other words, it takes all of you and a little more. Parenting is no joke and lends itself to forming humans who can eventually wake up on their own, bathe… Read More

Navigating Crisis

Huddle In Close

“The boys just kind of swarmed around one another next to their buddy, not really knowing what to say or what to do. They just knew they wanted to be close to each other. Somehow that helped. These fifth-grade boys were huddled… Read More

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The Face of Grief

Grief has no face until you see it in the face of someone you love. It has no shape until you watch it gather in an instant, one usually out of your control. Grief has no timeline until your minutes are framed… Read More