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It Takes a Circle

Humans were designed to live within community, but I’d let my desire for adventure interrupt the foundational relationships my son would need, the very ones I’d wanted for myself as… Read More

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What to Do When Your Kid Offends You

Getting time away from my kids is one of my favorite things. Now, don’t get me wrong . . . I love my kids, but for the sake of my… Read More

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Divorced at Christmas

Christmas is a season that evokes a lot of memories. Some memories are sweet. Some memories are bitter sweet. Some memories are just bitter. I’m fortunate enough to have some of every variety but one from Christmas Day 2002 stands out particularly… Read More

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What I Learned About Having The TALK

If you haven’t read THE TALK – Part 1, I would recommend you check it out before reading further. The Talk - Part 1 Recently, I had THE TALK with my third-grade daughter. Do you guys remember the TV show Blossom? It… Read More

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31 Things to Say to Help Teens Navigate Relationships

Helping my teenagers learn how to navigate relationships has been the biggest part of my twenty years of parenting. Hands down. Teachers, friends, coaches, dating, teammates, family . . . So. Many. Discussions. My guess is that you too will have more discussions with… Read More

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A Book Review : Siblings Without Rivalry

“Someday when you guys are older you will like each other and be best friends.” They’d been bickering. Again. But did I really just say that? How can I possibly know that? Is that just wishful thinking for my oldest son and… Read More

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My Child Was Caught Viewing Porn! What Do I Do?

The shock, shame, and anger that first takes place when you stumble upon the fact that your child has viewed porn is understandably terrifying. Every parent hopes their child will live with sexual integrity, and when we hear the statistics of kids… Read More

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When Parents Disagree About How to Enforce the Rules

So you might have noticed there's this tension in parenting. Okay . . . you may have noticed, there are 1,000 tensions in parenting, but today I'm going to focus on just one. What tension you ask? The tension between the parent who wants… Read More

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Imagine the End :: 5 Choices We’re Glad We Made (Part 1)

Imagine the End If you were asked to share with a group of parents things you’re glad you did as you were raising your kids, what would you say? My husband and I were given this opportunity recently at our church. Over… Read More


Coaching Friendship

Imagine a parent of a child you know approaching you. “Can (insert their child’s name) and I speak with you and (insert your child’s name) privately for a minute?” Maybe this kind of “confrontational” conversation raises your blood pressure? I know it… Read More