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7 Practical Tips to Raising A Child With Autism

Finding out our son had autism was a major blow to the idealistic picture we held of what parenting might be like. Parenting, in general, is far from easy, but parenting… Read More

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Finding Out Your Child Has Autism

The day I discovered I was pregnant with our first child was one of the happiest days of my life. My husband and I had been married for three years and were ready to expand our party of two. My pregnancy was… Read More

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Are You Finishing Well?

I thought I raised my children well. They seemed like good kids. But then, a few months ago, my oldest son did the unthinkable. The most thoughtless, unimaginable thing he’s ever done. He moved out. I probably should have been expecting it.… Read More

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Different Day

Every morning, my son, Cooper, would relentlessly ask, even before my eyes had focused, or I’d had my coffee, “Mommy, what are we doing today?” And then he would ask again thirty more times in a row. Cooper had an agenda, and… Read More

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Finding Peace Through Autism

I have two amazing kids. My son, Eli, is 11 and my daughter, Peyton, is 9. I didn’t name them after the famous quarterback brothers, but I lie to people all of the time and tell them that I did. Typing that out makes… Read More

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Special Needs Parent Stealth Bomber

There are helicopter parents, then there are Special Needs parent stealth bombers. How this Asian Special Needs Tiger Mama Bear (I know. That’s a lot of mixed metaphors) nearly became a weapon of mass destruction and ravaged a playground when her cub… Read More

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“Who Me, a Special Needs Parent? I’m the Wrong Person for This Kid!”

By Diane Dokko Kim My mother often laments how I am such a LOUD girl. When we’re on the phone, she typically asks me to turn down my volume.  Or better yet, speak about a foot away from the mouthpiece. She’s perplexed… Read More