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What Story Do We Tell?

There’s a lot of my story that I never want my kids to find out. Like the time I cheated on a math test in third grade. I chose to… Read More

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The Secret of Superman

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Superman. Seriously! I still remember the day my parents handed me a box from Sears and Roebuck that contained a red cape,… Read More

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Read It Again

When our oldest daughter was a preschooler, her favorite book was the “bird story.” Countless times she would say, “Read me bird story” as she plopped it (and herself) in my lap. The actual title of the book was Little Bird Biddle… Read More

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Teach Courage Through Stories

We want our kids to understand how best to treat their neighbor, follow God, and trust Him no matter what. We could explain the facts of why they should, have them memorize the verses, or lecture them on what will happen if… Read More