Photo by Good Magazine

February is National Random Acts of Kindness Month, and believe it or not, you’ll find an alarming act of kindness in the strife-torn country of Egypt.

We no longer think first of pyramids and pharaohs when we hear the word “Egypt.” Now we think of mass protests, Mubarak, a confused Middle East. But sometimes, out of confusion comes clarity. Protests in the streets and on our television screens has caused a new clarity for people of all faiths in Egypt. Kindness is breaking out where violence wants to reign.

According to London’s Daily Mail newspaper last week, “Striking photos of unity have emerged from the chaos in Egypt as Christian protesters stood together to protect Muslims as they prayed.” As you probably know, a Muslim man in prayer is in quite a vulnerable position. Yet their religion requires them to kneel face-down on the ground and pray five times a day. Even when they’re protesting in the streets. A photo on the Good Magazine site shows Egyptian Christians arm-in-arm, standing to protect the the praying protesters.

In Studio252 this month, we describe the virtue of kindness by asking this question, “How can you treat someone in such a way that it would show they are as valuable as they really are?” Kindness is showing others they are valuable by the way you treat them. We can and should disagree with how a Muslim perceives God, but I’d suggest that both sides in Egypt are demonstrating the depth of God’s value for every person.

We’re teaching our kids a simple, very Biblical definition of kindness: “Do to others as you would have them do to you (Luke 6:31, NIV).” We are never more like God than when we treat someone else the way their loving God would treat them. The newscasts might be leading with violence in the streets, but this month we can teach our children about kindness in the hearts of even those with very different outlooks on life.

Watch the video below for more practical ideas on how to teach kindness to your children.

VIRTUE VIDEO: Peace (August 2010) from Orange on Vimeo.