Author: Lauren Terrell

15 Minutes to Being a Great Parent

Being a great mom is SO easy. You just have to play Barbies with your kids all day long. Maybe sometimes take a break to play Candyland. Chores are so unnecessary!! These were actual thoughts I remember having as a child. My mom was a good mom, but my idea of a great mom was one who would play with me all day long. I fantasized about a mom who would wake up every day as eager to play the board game Aggravation all day as I was (and yes, the game lives up to its name). As a...

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6 Tips to Help Broken Families Enjoy Christmas

In part one of this blog series, my sister painted a pretty honest picture of what our Christmases looked like growing up. (Click here to read part one.) Depending on if you count the Christmas our dad moved out, I had seven or eight typical, nuclear family Christmases before our parents’ divorce changed the picture entirely. (My sister had 11 or 12.) The holidays not only look completely different after a divorce, they look completely different from one divorced family to another. Maybe remarriage is part of the picture. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe there are step-siblings or half-siblings. Maybe...

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Remembering Those Who Have Lost A Baby

I remember the moment I became a mother. It was early Sunday morning. Still dark outside. My brain was groggy. Exhausted. A million things were running through my head but the loudest was “SLEEP.” I had to wait just a little longer until I could wrap myself back up in my warm bed. And then I saw the lines.

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