Create A Rhythm

The Rewarding Work of Remembering

Call me sentimental, but I’m a big believer in making memories. I’m also a big believer in capturing those memories for later. It’s not that I don’t enjoy living in the moment. But I’m a classic introvert in the sense that I’m an observer. I process information (and even emotion)… Read More
Empathy is tonic
Bring the Family: The Value of Serving Together

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Telling the Christmas Story

Christmastime is full. It’s full of surprises, music, family, wrapping paper, shopping malls, and class parties. But Christmastime is also…

Celebrate Christmas

This Christmas, make sure you have at least one meaningful (and enjoyable!) moment with your kids. Block out a few…

Advent Calendar 2019

Countdown to Christmas by walking through the Nativity story and prompting a little “joy” into your family with our downloadable…

Backpack Encouragement Cards

Encourage your kids with these downloadable, printable postcards. Grab some cardstock, print these out on your home printer, and write…

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