Character and Values | Middle School (6th-8th)

Helping Preteens Discover Courage

Preteens are feeling caught in their schedule, their access to culture, and the pressure to succeed. And the expectations placed on them are often too unrealistic for them to handle.… Read More
Raising Worry Free girls

Mental Health | Middle School (6th-8th)

What’s Worrying Our Girls

When your daughter has a little help, a lot of empowerment, and a foundational faith, worries don’t have to carry the same power in her life. It’s how you and… Read More
I Want Therapy for My family

Mental Health

I Want Therapy For My Family

I go to therapy and I am not ashamed of it. I go to therapy even when culture, especially African American culture, says I shouldn’t and that I should instead… Read More

Character and Values | Fight For The Heart

Journey to Courage

Everything in our kid's future is somewhat unpredictable. There will be moments they are uncertain about their choices, friends, health, and finances. Living can just be scary sometimes. We're not… Read More
Helping your kid navigate their 27 different emotions

Mental Health

Helping Your Kid Navigate Their 27 Different Emotions

Our kids are experiencing a wide range of emotions and not having the context, life-experience, or even the language to talk about them. There are a few simple steps you… Read More
How to widen your family circle

Family Life

When Joy Gets Flipped Upside Down

Things change. Kids grow up. Responsibilities grow and shift. But, there is joy hidden in every season of parenting. Read More

Imagine The End | Make It Personal

Parenting Takes Courage

Confession: I lay awake at night and worry about my kids. It’s true. I know that worry is a waste of time. I know that worry shows a lack of… Read More
How to support someone on their journey of grief

Special Topics | Widen The Circle

How to Support Someone Through Grief

Chances are, you’ve got a friend or family member who is stumbling along their own personal journey of grief. In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, here are five ways,… Read More

Family Life

Something to Remember When You Feel Anxious as a Parent

There’s something about becoming a parent that activates anxiety in many of us. For me, it happened when we were leaving the hospital with each kid (I have three). Adding… Read More