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How to Get Your Kids to Do What You Want

There was an article recently in TIME Magazine that revealed the results of an American Psychological Association survey showing that a third of teenagers no longer read books for pleasure.… Read More

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What Parenting Taught Me About Life

As parents, we are tasked to train our children and prepare them for the world . . . but sometimes those roles are reversed. Our children become the teachers, exposing… Read More

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It Takes a Circle

Humans were designed to live within community, but I’d let my desire for adventure interrupt the foundational relationships my son would need, the very ones I’d wanted for myself as… Read More

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Why Parents Should Team Up With Teachers

Being a parent at school can be overwhelming. All that teacher jargon and new programs. Tons of data coming at you with test results and standards. Plus, the endless fliers… Read More


How to Help Preteens Navigate Friendship Drama

Today’s preteens are navigating the same reality—only now with texting, social media, and constant connectivity. Read More


Second Chances : Some Truths About Being a Blending Family

There are some hard hills to climb when you get a second chance. While consistently working on our relationship as a couple, one of the biggest struggles in our marriage… Read More


The Thing We Need to Give to Other Parents

Parenting is not easy. The whole thing starts in perhaps the craziest way. You’re at the hospital in a room filled with doctors and nurses and experts. There’s commotion during… Read More


The Thing We Need to Give to Other Parents

It’s so easy to judge each other. It’s so easy to criticize or analyze another parent. “Can you believe they spent that much on their kid’s birthday? That’s crazy. It… Read More