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Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Talking to Your Kids About Racism

If you've been paying attention these last few years, you know this: Racism is real. But when it comes to talking to kids about racism, many parents are uncertain about… Read More
Passing down a faith filled life not a trial free one


Passing Down a Faith-Filled Life, Not a Trial-Free Life

Your daily ordinary tasks can become extraordinary opportunities to reach the hearts of your children. Read More
A faith of their own | Parent Cue Blog

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A Faith of Their Own

Nothing is more important than helping your children develop a faith of their own, for the day will come too soon when mom and dad can’t fix it. Read More
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Will I Miss This?

It’s not about enjoying every minute . . . it's about enjoying the ones I can and making the most of the ones that are harder to embrace. Read More

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The Secret of Superman

I don’t actually recall when I stopped believing in Superman, but his story did convince me of something that is true. Good will ultimately win over evil. Read More
Play is important for parents too

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Play is Essential for Parents, Too

I knew that play was vital to my kids' health. But this post isn’t about how you need to make sure to incorporate play into your kids’ lives (although that… Read More
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Unique Rest

My point is this: All of us have a unique way of resting and refueling: do you know your pattern? If not, why not spend a couple minutes reflecting on… Read More

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The Big Rocks : What I Want to Teach My Kids

One of the most sobering truths about parenting is that you are teaching your children something, whether you are being intentional or not. Sure, you may not teach your children… Read More

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The Work Of Teaching Kids to Value Everyone

“I will never be friends with Will*! He has a funny looking hand, and I will never play with him!” my 4-year-old passionately declared the moment she climbed in the… Read More

Character and Values | Imagine The End

Raising A Kind Person

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, (most parents over 40 will understand that cliché), there is one big reason you should remind your kid’s to be kind… Read More
What to Do When Your Adult Child Is Messing Up | Parent Cue Blog

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What to Do When Your Adult Child Is Messing Up

When an adult child violates our values or makes poor choices, we often question our parenting abilities. Our doubts shout at us: Was it something I did? Read More