Light em up with kindness

Family Activities

Light ‘Em Up With Kindness

Almost a decade ago, I caught the kindness bug. It felt like a nudge in my heart to change the focus of our family’s time and attention. Read More

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Love On Display

Growing up, I had one of those old blue rectangular Kodak cameras with the orange “point and shoot” button. It came everywhere with me—including a trip my family took to… Read More
Getting called Out

Family Life

Getting Called Out By My 5-Year-Old

It was daddy-daughter date night, and I had crafted the perfect plan. Elle and I would eat chocolate-chip pancakes to our heart’s content, rent any movie she wanted, and stay… Read More

Make It Personal

Choosing Yourself Is Not Neglecting Your Family

Sometimes it’s a struggle to really learn that just because we choose ourselves, doesn’t mean we are neglecting our family. In fact, it places us in a position to offer… Read More

Special Topics

Raising Kids Who Will Initiate Racial Equality

When my son was three years old, his school introduced him to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He became completely fascinated with Dr. King, so my husband and I walked… Read More

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The Power of “First Words”

“Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will set the course for my entire life.” That’s not exactly how that phrase goes, but it should be because it’s… Read More

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Growing Knowledge

Every year, two professors from a small college in Wisconsin publish a "Mindset" list to remind us that every freshman has a completely different knowledge base than previous generations. Maybe… Read More


The Letter I Wrote My Son When I Gave Him His First “Real” Bible

I Gave My Son His First Real Bible Recently, my oldest, at nine and a half, got his first real Bible. One with book names and chapters and verses included. It wasn’t… Read More

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Your One Best Thing

It’s that time of year. The stale leftover cookies are in the trash and I’m eyeing the tree, wishing it would pack up and walk itself to the basement. I’m… Read More

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This Is a Weird Parenting Goal, But . . .

Why is it easier to have goals at work than it is at home? Have you ever thought about that before? Most corporate jobs are jam-packed with goals. You have… Read More