Gratitude Wreath

We have been learning about gratitude all month long; of course, November is the month of thankfulness. So it’s the perfect time to make a Gratitude Wreath to hang in your house and remind the whole family what you are all thankful for.


Cardstock (fall colors or Christmas colors)
Glue stick
Foam Core posterboard
Festive ribbon

Have an adult cut a large circle out of foam core posterboard and then a hole in the center of that circle, creating a wreath size base. It’s important to use foam core for your wreath to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of this craft.

Begin by having everyone trace their hands on card stock, and cut out. Be sure to cut out as many hands as needed to fill your poster board wreath base. Next, write what you are thankful for on each hand cutout. If someone gets stuck, help them remember the amazing things God has given us and the amazing people who help us. Once all the hands are filled in with your gratitude, arrange them on your poster board wreath form and glue them down. If there are empty spaces, cut out more handprints to fill in. Add ribbon at the top so you can hang your Gratitude Wreath and enjoy it as we celebrate all that we are thankful for this month.