Ultimate Frisbee Frenzy

Garden Bin Preschool Craft

Grab a frisbee and your silly socks! It’s time to unleash your inner champions and let loose with an epic game of Ultimate Frisbee Frenzy!

The rules are simpler than you think: run, throw, catch, and most importantly, have a blast! There’s no age limit or athletic ability needed, everyone can join the frenzy. Don your best mix-matched socks and go to your favorite park. You can ask friends to join in the fun or invite families who are already at the park! 

Find an open area and pick your teams and “endzones.” To score in this frenzy of fun, throw the frisbee to your teammates, hoping the other team doesn’t intercept it. Catch the frisbee in the other team’s end zone— like a touchdown with a flying disc, scoring your team a point! The team that gets ten points first wins. You can play as many rounds as your silly socked feet can handle. Most of all, remember to have fun as a family! It’s the best way to choose joy and celebrate all that God is doing in our lives.