Wait for It!

PATIENCE: Waiting until later for what you want now

See who has the most patience and can hold back their laughter, while playing this silly game. The Game is called “Wait For It,” family members will be paired up and the goal is to make the other person laugh, without moving their body or saying a word. Sounds simple, right? You’ll be surprised how hard it is to keep your composure.

First have two family members pair up, and sit facing each other. Now they have to keep eye contact with their opponent, they cannot move their bodies or talk, however, they can move their face, eyebrows, nose, and even wiggle their ears. But absolutely NO smiling or laughing! The first person to smile or laugh is out. The winner moves on to play against another family member. Last person standing wins. Play multiple rounds, and see who has the most patience and can wait the longest to laugh!