Worth The Wait

PATIENCE: Waiting until later for what you want now

This month we are learning about patience, which can be just as hard for kids, as it is for adults. For your outing this month, plan a fun family day in the future, preferably later this month. Maybe it’s going to the movies, theme park, a fishing trip, beach day, arcade, bounce gym, or a day at the zoo.

Whatever you pick, have the whole family pitch in on the planning. What does everyone want to do? Where or what should you eat? If cost is involved, have everyone help save money to pay for the outing. Encourage everyone to add their pocket change or chore money to a jar. It will take patience to wait and save up to go on your family outing.

Be sure to mark your calendar so that everyone in the family can countdown the days until your day of fun! When the day finally arrives, truly enjoy it. Talk about what it was like for everyone to wait for this fun day, was it hard or easy? Did everyone feel it was worth the wait? What did everyone enjoy most?

Have a great time together as a family, and reap the rewards of patience paying off in a well-deserved family outing.