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Join half a million parents using the Parent Cue app to raise kids with faith and character.


Here’s what they’re saying…


The information and phase for my children have been proven accurate so many times. We love this app and the talking points that it gives us for each child. Having teens and small children, it’s difficult to remember that each is at different levels and this helps me keep it in perspective!


Really love how this app offers realistic expectation advice with how you can raise a family. I have only been using it for a month and I already feel at ease with raising my children.


I love spending time with my daughters to watch the videos and read the bible verses. This is really helpful for our weekly devotions and my daughters enjoy the stories! I also like the countdown, it helps to put things into perspective because we really have such a limited time with our children.


This app doesn’t distract, but adds to my life. Not much else on my phone does as much as the Parent Cue app. It’s an investment into my family.

The day-to-day of parenting is hard work.

Because you’re not just a parent—you’re a chef, a chauffeur, a nurse, a teacher, a counselor, and the list could go on. You do it all to be there for your kid in all the ways they need you.

We see your hard work to raise a kid with faith and character, and how much your kid matters to you! That’s why we created the Parent Cue app.

We’re here to equip you with simple ways to make the most of the everyday moments you have with your kid—and hopefully, make the work of parenting just a little bit easier!

Everyday Faith Made Simple

Get curated content and cues that make it easy to connect with your kid while helping them grow in faith and character.

Weekly Memory Verse

Weekly Faith Video

Weekly Parent Cue Times

Weekly Devotionals

Brand New!

Phase Content Wherever You Go!

Unlock access to our best-selling parenting content to make the most of each week anywhere, anytime. Phase content is designed to give you insights and tools so you can understand, recognize, and leverage unique opportunities to positively impact your kid’s future.

With an in-app subscription, you’ll get access to expert wisdom based on hundreds of hours of research and interviews with child development experts, professional counselors, teachers, and parents wherever you go.

Weekly Phase-Specific Cues

Receive simple, valuable insights on your kid and how you can support them in their phase.

Monthly Resources and Downloads

Get additional, phase-specific resources, tools, and growth opportunities each month.

Year-Long Phase Insights

Discover what your kid needs most in their current phase so you can focus on the things that matter.

Half a million

lifetime users.

More than one

million kids served.

Available in

English & Spanish.

Dad and Child with Parent Cue App

Is the Parent Cue app Free?

The Parent Cue app is free and is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Every week, new faith content is loaded as well as cues for you as a parent to help you make the most of the moments you already have. 

In addition to the free content, the Parent Cue app also offers additional content with an in-app subscription to help you understand the phase your child is in right now. With guided cues, content, and resources, the subscription helps you parent your child while they transition and change.

Does the app work for multiple children?

Yes! You can enter as many children as you want. But if you have 18 kids, we are very impressed that you have time to open the app.

How do I change my kid’s profile photo?

To change your kid’s profile, start scrolling up on their faith page and the pencil icon will appear in the top right corner. 

  • Click on the icon and you will taken to your kid’s profile. 

  • Click on their photo in the top right corner and follow the prompts to add a photo. 

  • Make sure you save any changes. 

You can also access your kid’s profile page by selecting Account in the bottom menu, then Manage Family, then your kid.

What’s the cancellation policy for the in-app Phase subscription?

To cancel your in-app subscription, go to Account then select Subscription. You will then be taken to the appropriate screen on your device and operating system to cancel. Since all subscriptions are managed through either Apple or Google, cancellations must be made there as well.

Who do I contact for a technical issue?

Technology can be frustrating at times. We get it.

If you are stuck and need some help, please reach out to us at

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