Parent Cue App FAQS

Account Settings/General Questions

How do I register my account on a second device?
When you create your account in the Parent Cue App, that same account can be used on other devices. Simply download the App on another device, and enter the same email address and password you created on your first device. Your kid(s)’ information and photos should all transfer.

What is your privacy policy regarding my email address and my children’s information?
Orange, the company behind the Parent Cue App, will not share or sell your personal information or information about your child to any outside organizations. We may send an occasional email with helpful tips about your child’s phase, but you can turn off that option in the Settings part of the App. For a full explanation of our privacy policy, click on the Menu bar and then Settings.

Is my child’s information safe?
Your account contains very little information about your child—just their name and birth date. We store that information on our secure servers, and we do not sell that information to outside organizations.

Why can’t I find my church in the app? 
We’ve tried to list as many churches as possible, but we may have missed a few. If you don’t find your church, you can email us and we’ll reach out to them. Or you can tell your church about the app and they can contact us. But if you don’t want to do any of that, you can simply SKIP this step.

How can my church customize this app for its families?
If your church wants to customize the Parent Cue App to fit the content being taught at your church, they can sign up for a subscription at

Why do you want to know what church I attend?
Your church may be providing customized content and notifications through the app, so by linking your account to your church, you can make sure that what shows up in your app syncs with what is being taught at church.

Do I need to attend a church to use this app?
You do not have to attend a church to use the Parent Cue App. Simply SKIP that step in the account setup process.

In the app, what does “move on to their next” mean in the countdown?
The weeks displayed in this app are approximate and based on a generalized formula created from your child’s birthday, their grade in school, and an August 1 date of when they will move on to their next—whether it’s college or on to a new job or adventure.

What happens when my child moves up a grade?
Since school start dates vary, we ask that you manually move up your child’s grade level after August 1 each year. Simply click on the menu bar in the top left corner, select kids, then go in and change the grade level of each child in your app.

I have a great new photo of my kid, and I want to replace the one I have in there now. How do I do it?
To change a picture or edit your child’s profile, you’ll want to go to the menu in the upper left corner and select “Kids.” Click the EDIT in the top right corner. From there, pick the profile you’d like to edit by selecting their name. Then next to the picture is a camera icon. Clicking on the icon allows you to select a new picture from photos on your device or take one with your smartphone camera.

How can I change my email or password?
Select the menu bar in the top left corner. Go to Settings. From there, you can update your email address or change your password.

We recently changed churches. How can I change that in the app?
Select the menu bar in the top left corner. Go to Settings. Select Church and change your information.

Questions about App Content (videos, etc.)

Why do some of the ages have videos, and others don’t?
Because each phase of a kid’s development needs truths communicated in a way that fits where they are, we only provide videos for the developmental phases that can best benefit from the video reinforcing the content being taught. These ages include Toddlers, Preschool, Elementary, and Preteen.

How often do the videos change?
For toddlers, the videos stay the same for the entire month. Why? Because toddlers love repetition. Toddlers love repetition. Toddlers love repetition. 🙂 However, the “do this” section for toddlers changes every week.

For preschool, elementary, and preteen, the videos change every week.

I don’t see any videos. Why?
If you’re not seeing videos for Toddlers, Preschool, Elementary, or Preteen, it’s because your church has chosen to customize the content in the app and has decided to not offer the video.

How can I watch the past week’s videos?
Because our videos are tied to each week of the Orange curriculum, they are only available with that week’s Parent Cues.

The video plays and then freezes. Help?
The majority of the time when a video is freezing while playing, the issue is the Wifi or cell phone signal. Since the videos are stored online, a good connection is key to playing them without any issues.

I don’t have sound when I play the video.
Check to make sure your phone is not on mute, or the ringer is turned off. Also, make sure your sound is turned all the way up. The video player within the app may also have separate volume controls.

Still have questions?
Click the menu bar, select Settings, and then go to Contact Us. Or you can email us at