Press Play Devotional


A Kid’s Devotional To Build Confidence That Lasts

Press Play Devotional

Help Your Kids Stop Feeling Invisible and Instead Understand Their Significance

Limited Confidence Limits Potential

You remember how it feels. It’s that first time you realized you looked a little different. Or those moments in elementary school when you got picked last for the kickball game. Or maybe that time in middle school when the popular kid called you a loser. 

We’ve all been there at some point, and we know how those moments feel when our confidence begins to dip. Now, your kids are going through some of the same stuff. Your once courageous and daring kid is becoming less like themselves. And all you really want for them is to just enjoy being a kid and have the confidence to thrive. 

Or maybe they aren’t struggling with confidence today, but you see what’s on the horizon. You want them to be grounded and prepared to step into middle school believing the best about who they are. 

So how do you help your kids have more confidence in who they are and less worry about what other kids say? 

The Press Play devotional is designed to help you do just that.

Carlos Whittaker
Carlos Whittaker

Help Your Kid Just Be a Kid

Just a few hurtful words can kill a kid’s confidence. And in a world with so much negativity, being a pre-teen can be really difficult.

But, the truth is, overcoming that negativity doesn’t happen overnight. The development of your kid’s confidence is a journey. Our job as parents is to join them so they’re not left to figure it out alone. Then, as kids search to find their confidence in something, we help them find it in something that’s grounded in the truth about them – something that won’t change even as they do. 

Author and speaker Carlos Whittaker has been there – as both the parent searching for answers and the kid searching for an identity. It wasn’t until he saw himself how God sees him that he was able to find lasting confidence. In Press Play, Carlos will take your kid on a journey of understanding the truth of what God says about them instead of the unpredictability of their classmates’ opinions. 

Your child can have lasting confidence, and Carlos will show you how.

When kids lose their confidence, they miss out on the joy of being a kid. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Parents and Kids Will Grow in Confidence

In Press Play, kids will learn eight principles to help them have God-fueled confidence.

With the Press Play devotional, you will:

  •  Have a plan to strengthen your relationship with your kid.
•  Worry less about their self-worth.
  •  Enjoy seeing them thrive.
  •  Prepare your kids to be an advocate for themselves and others.
  •  Watch your child build resilience.
  •  Be more hopeful about your kid’s future.
  •  Encourage your kid’s relationship with God.
  •  Help your kid develop an everyday faith.

Carlos Whittaker

Confidence Defeats Comparison

In this video, Kristen Ivy, President of Parent Cue, shares how confidence is the antidote to comparison – one of the biggest struggles for kids this age.

Carlos Whittaker


Carlos Whittaker

Carlos is an author, speaker, parent of three, and a former kid lacking confidence who eventually discovered how God views him. He’s spoken in rooms with 80 leaders, conferences with an audience of 10,000, and even at an Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House.

The author of Kill the Spider and Moment Maker, Carlos is a self-described “hope dealer.” He’s partnered with Parent Cue for Press Play to help pre-teens build confidence and hope in a world constantly bombarding them with all things negative.

Carlos wants nothing more than for kids to rest in the hope that God offers them instead of the ever-changing opinions of their peers. Press Play is designed to do just that.

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