This 6-Session Treasured Experience is designed for moms and daughters, or small groups of moms and daughters, to help them connect and talk about things that matter:

The “tween” years are a critical transition period in the life of a young girl. Girls this age are changing in profound ways. Loaded with fun activities and engaging content, Treasured will initiate meaningful conversation between moms and daughters during these critical preteen years.


Whether you lead a group of moms and daughters or complete this study one-on-one with your daughter, this digital download equips you with everything you need:

The Digital Download includes:

  • Complete Leader Instructions and Tips
  • An Introductory video + Six Video Teaching Sessions
  • Discussion Questions and Activities
  • Mom Guides for each Session
  • Mom and Daughter Challenges
  • and more! 

We Want Girls to Remember:

Be amazed by how God made you.

Be in charge of your body.

Be in control of your emotions.

Be the friend you want to find.

Be wise with technology.

Be a friend to God.


This 6-session faith-based study is designed to connect moms and daughters with engaging content around topics critical to the preteen years: Identity, Body, Emotions, Friendships, Technology, and Faith. The digital download includes everything you need for a small group study with moms and daughters: teaching videos, discussion questions, leader guides, participant guides, and connection ideas and more. This can also be used as a one-on-one study with a mom and her daughter. 


To be used on its own, or in conjunction with the Treasured Study, the Treasured Journal is designed to help girls think about the questions they are already asking, and creates opportunities to interact with their moms. There are 6 weeks of topics (the same topics as the study) with 5 days of things for her to think about, doodle, and do. There are things for moms to do, too. Go through it together, and you’ll discover a deeper connection with each other, and in the process, she’ll discover just how Treasured she is. When used alongside the study, it allows moms and daughters to take what they’ve learned in the study one step further.


Download a free sample of Treasured to see if it’s the right fit for you and your daughter!

What people are saying . . .

We just had our final session last night for our Treasured Study and it was an amazing experience for the moms and girls in our group! This was a group of six moms and seven girls (set of sisters), from an American Heritage Girl troop in the St. Louis area. We loved the activities, the videos, the discussion questions, the journals . . . everything was wonderful! I loved the Leader Guides and other resources that made it so easy for me to prepare to lead the group each week! Thank you for allowing God to use your gifts and for your diligence in this project! We are so grateful for the ways God worked (and will continue to work) in us all through this study.
Nicole Snyder

My friends joined me this summer to hang out with nine of the BEST rising middle school girls you could ever meet! I know, tweens and teens get a bad rap sometimes, but in my experience, when you take the time to hang out with them, to have real, authentic conversations, they will blow you away with their questions, their honesty, and their thoughts about the world! So grateful for my friend Courtney DeFeo and her vision to bring Treasured to fruition. Carving out time and space to have intentional conversations about faith, identity, technology, and more was one of the best parts of our summer! Moms and student ministry leaders, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this amazing curriculum and walking through it with the 9 to 12 year-olds in your life, you will not regret it!!
Kira & Michelle

About the Creators:

Treasured is a collaboration between Courtney DeFeo and Parent Cue.

Courtney DeFeo is the founder of Treasured and the mom of two girls. Out of a passion for helping strengthen the relationship between moms and daughters, Courtney began Treasured, an organization designed to help moms and daughters celebrate this special relationship that binds them together. As Courtney says, “Raising daughters can be overwhelming, but it’s mostly amazing. You are not alone. All of us are struggling with what to say and do with friendships, technology, body talks, emotions, their safety and much more.” Courtney’s heart is that Treasured will begin an amazing journey of fun and meaningful conversation for moms and daughters everywhere. For more on Treasured, visit


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