Julie Tiemann

Julie grew up in the church, beginning to serve in children’s ministry the summer after she graduated from it herself. She has been writing either for children or on behalf of children for almost two decades. She is raising two daughters with her husband Mike in North Atlanta, where she writes for Orange and other ministries from home, coffee shops and carpool lines.

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3 Ways to Raise the Perfect Child

I know—click bait is super annoying, isn’t it? But if we’re being honest, we’ve all probably clicked on articles promising us if not the perfect child, at least a healthy,… Read More
To Praise or Not to Praise Your Kids | Parent Cue Blog

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To Praise or Not to Praise Your Kids

Don’t tell your kid he’s smart, or he won’t think he needs to try. Tell your kid he’s smart so he’ll believe he’s capable. Don’t praise your kid at all;… Read More