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how to make it through when things get tough

Family Life

How Do We Make It Through When Things Get Tough?

So what did we DO about it? How did we make it through? We were determined. We persevered . . . step by step, day by day. That’s a story… Read More
How to argue well in your family

Family Life

How to Argue Well In Your Family

How do we diffuse conflict before it gets out of control? How do make peace the goal, but without ignoring real tensions and offenses that come up? Read More

Family Life

How To Help Your Kids Get Along With One Another

Thanks to Covid-19, most of us have been spending more time at home than ever before. I’m a mom to three girls, and if your house is anything like mine has been lately, you’ve also added “Professional Referee” to the top of… Read More

Family Life

How the Pandemic Has Been Good For Parenting

Parents Just Want to Keep Kids Safe If you have ever read any kind of parenting blog, book or resource, you are probably familiar with the term “helicopter parent.” It’s the parenting style that thrives on hovering over the children, paying attention… Read More

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We All Made a Giant Pivot. Now What?

There’s an episode of Friends (I know, my age is showing) where Ross is trying to get a new couch into his apartment and is attempting to carry it up the steps to move it in, and it isn’t going well. As… Read More