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Reframing Why Kids Should Do Chores

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Reframing Why Kids Should Do Chores

Home is the place of their first citizenship. I started reframing how I talked about chores. I started talking about how important it was that they be good citizens of… Read More

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When Joy Gets Flipped Upside Down

Things change. Kids grow up. Responsibilities grow and shift. But, there is joy hidden in every season of parenting. Read More

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Something to Remember When You Feel Anxious as a Parent

There’s something about becoming a parent that activates anxiety in many of us. For me, it happened when we were leaving the hospital with each kid (I have three). Adding an additional passenger or two or three to our ride increased the… Read More

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The Power of Daily Affirmations for Your Kid

Sometimes, my inner dialogue can be pretty negative, and this is coming from someone who believes wholeheartedly in the power of positive thinking. I can’t seem to help it—it’s so easy to slip into negative thought patterns once they start. Recently, I… Read More

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Planting Seeds of Truth for Your Kids

I was always extremely skinny as a child. Adults would consistently made jokes about my size. They referred to me as a “string bean,” said I was “nothing but skin and bones” and “25 pounds soaking wet.” One windy day, I remember… Read More

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Three Ways to Connect with Your Kid at Any Phase

Parenting humans can be unpredictable. Every kid is different and there are no formulas. It’s hard to anticipate everything. So in a sense, you should anticipate not anticipating a few things. With my oldest child, I didn’t anticipate that . . .… Read More

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The One Thing That Will Help You Survive Parenting as an Introvert

Confessions of an Introvert I am an introvert through and through. Although I love authentic relationships and conversations, people, no matter how much I love them, drain my energy. Do you know who else is a person (albeit little)? My three-year-old daughter,… Read More

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Let Your Kids Be Bored

“Moooooom! I’m boooored!” I’d been bracing myself for this time-honored refrain for months as my almost-4-year-old’s naptime slowly transitioned to “quiet” time. I felt a deep stab of guilt. His toddler brother was sound asleep, and the nap block was sacrosanct for… Read More

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The Humility of Connection

Growing up, I had a hard time connecting with my dad. Different Interests As a kid, all I could see were the differences between us. I liked to read comic books. I loved to draw. I would play with action figures for… Read More

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Play is Essential for Parents, Too

There’s been one thing that has become clear to me through having kids that is missing in my life (and the life of many other people I know). Sound sleep, money in the bank, and a leisure day at the pool are… Read More