Many families in the Parent Cue network are looking for a way to encourage and develop their kid’s faith in Jesus.

If that sounds like you, here are three ways to do that.

Church Finder

The best way to disciple a kid is in community. If you are looking for somewhere you can trust, check out our church finder to see if there’s a church in your area that participates in the Parent Cue strategy.

Sunday at Home

Sometimes going to church just isn’t practical or possible. Each Sunday we will upload videos to our YouTube channel so you can have a 20-30-minute meaningful family experience custom-designed to the age of your kids.

Sunday at Home videos will be available on our YouTube channel every Sunday morning at 8:00 am Eastern Time!

Download the Parent Cue App

Not only will the Parent Cue app display weekly videos you can watch together, but it will also cue you with more ways you can connect with your kid to disciple them during your routine moments together. 

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