Traci Bray

Traci Bray volunteered for nine years with kids and youth ministry at Church at the Crossing in Indianapolis, Indiana, spending most of that time creating games and writing curriculum for fifth and sixth graders. She loves meeting new people and learning about their lives and doesn’t mind getting lost if it leads to a good story. Fortunately, her current lifestyle of living and traveling full-time in an RV with her husband, Daniel, makes that a reality on most days.

It Takes a Circle

Tribes Over Time | Widen The Circle

It Takes a Circle

Humans were designed to live within community, but I’d let my desire for adventure interrupt the foundational relationships my son would need, the very ones I’d wanted for myself as… Read More

Imagine The End | School Life

Ready or Not

Fresh out of college, my son’s first grade teacher vibrated with enthusiasm for her students. She wore a constant smile, too. I liked her. I liked her so much that… Read More