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5 Things Your Kids May Be Worried About This School Year | Parent Cue Blog

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5 Things Your Kids May Be Worried About This School Year

This academic year is the marker for most of our kids to return to full time, in-person learning. On top of the normal jitters about the academic year, it’s no… Read More
The Morning Rhythm Checklist | Parent Cue Blog

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The Morning Rhythm Checklist

If you’re struggling with the pace and chaos of the morning, creating a checklist can make a big impact on you and your child’s morning.  Read More

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6 Conversations to Have With Your Kid at the Start of the New School Year

Last year, everything changed.  The pandemic’s arrival altered life as we knew it, forcing us to pare down to the essentials while businesses, churches, and schools shuttered their doors indefinitely. The uncertainty left us fearful, and the constant vigilance of keeping everyone… Read More

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How Can We Make This Year Better?

I love a good fresh start.  I’m a sucker for Mondays. I dutifully write New Year resolutions every year. There’s nothing like breaking in a brand-new notebook. And Spring cleaning? That is my jam. If you’re anything like me, you are charmed… Read More

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Every Middle Schooler Is Asking You a Question. Do You Know the Answer?

You hear the door slam upstairs. Instead of being startled by it, at this point, it’s a well-known, yet unwelcomed sound around your home. Since your kid started sixth grade, they’ve been hard to get along with, hard to get through to.… Read More

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Co-Parenting Through the School Year

The start of a new school year is pretty nostalgic, right? All sharpened number-two pencils and crisp-white-notebook paper. You can basically smell it.  But like any change in routine for families, the start of a new school year is an upheaval. All… Read More

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4 Conversations to Have Before Middle School Starts

Middle school is a huge transition.  It’s that time in life when your kid is stepping out of the relative comfort of elementary school and into those strange few years before high school.  It’s important to remember that the middle school years… Read More

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What to Do When You’re Concerned About Your Kid’s New Group of Friends 

Your kid is going through about a million-and-one changes in the middle school phase. So much is changing about them so quickly that it can seem like nothing is ever the same from one day to the next. One day they love… Read More

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End of School Year: How to Prepare for the Next Phase

Desks empty. Locker doors slammed—and lock combinations forgotten—for the last time. School-issued laptops returned to the front office. Color-coded, structured homeschool schedules loosened up a bit. Ah, yes. Summer is here. School may be out for your kids, but it’s a perfect… Read More

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The Importance of Ending The School Year Well

This time of year, backpacks are getting heavy. Masks are getting tight. Patience is wearing thin. The end of the school year is upon us and so is the end of what feels like the craziest one in history! As the school… Read More