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The Importance of Ending The School Year Well | Parent Cue Blog

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The Importance of Ending The School Year Well

As the school year comes to a close, most of us simply want to fast-forward through the days until we see the glorious summer sun.  Read More
How to Build Empathy in My Elementary Schooler | Parent Cue Blog

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How to Build Empathy in My Elementary Schooler

As a child moves through elementary school, they also move through a transition of sorts in how they relate to themself and others. Read More

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Make the Most of Mornings

As our kids grow up, we must take advantage of the time we already have with them within the rhythms of the day to talk about what matters. Read More

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My High Schooler Didn’t Get Into Their Dream School

Being rejected by a school—especially the one they hoped to attend—means letting go of some big dream scenarios they’ve been imagining for the future. Read More

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Bridge the Gap Between Home and the Classroom

No parent wants to be at odds with their kid’s teacher. And no teacher plans to have negative relationships with their student’s parents. If the common goal is the same—to provide the best educational experience possible for each student—then it shouldn’t be difficult to bridge the gap between... Read More

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What To Do When Your Child Gets Suspended or Expelled

Use the suspension as a teachable moment. Engage your kid or teen in a conversation about behaving differently in the future, given the same set of circumstances. By helping them come up with ways to respond, despite being bored or angry, you are teaching them problem solving skills... Read More

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5 Things Your Kids May Be Worried About This School Year

This academic year is the marker for most of our kids to return to full time, in-person learning. On top of the normal jitters about the academic year, it’s no surprise to learn the pandemic is causing additional concerns for parents and students.   Read More

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The Morning Rhythm Checklist

If you’re struggling with the pace and chaos of the morning, creating a checklist can make a big impact on you and your child’s morning.  Read More

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6 Conversations to Have With Your Kid at the Start of the New School Year

Drive home the idea to your kid that change isn’t always a bad thing—we can miss what used to be, but be excited for what’s to come. Remind your kid that humans are capable of feeling different feelings all at once.  Read More

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How Can We Make This Year Better?

After the year we’ve all had, we could use some hope, good news, and a bit of normalcy—especially when it comes to our family’s rhythm and the kids’ upcoming school year. Read More