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The Strategic Relationships All Kids Need | Parent Cue Blog

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The Strategic Relationships All Kids Need

We were never meant to parent alone. Inviting other caring adults you trust to consistently show up in the life of your kid is invaluable. Read More
Bridge the Gap Between Home and the Classroom | Parent Cue Blog

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Bridge the Gap Between Home and the Classroom

No parent wants to be at odds with their kid’s teacher. And no teacher plans to have negative relationships with their student’s parents. If the common goal is the same—to… Read More

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How to Find the Right Routine as a Solo Parent

Nothing about what we’ve all gone through over these past 18 months is normal. And it’s been hard. It’s been frustrating. And I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. All that to say, I don’t have a great routine. I sure don’t have this single parent role... Read More

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The Masks We Love to Wear

When the whole world is working hard to promote notions of what perfect parenting looks like, putting on a mask can be really tempting. Read More

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How to Support Someone Through Grief

Chances are, you’ve got a friend or family member who is stumbling along their own personal journey of grief. In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, here are five ways, according to Stephanie, to best support them during tough seasons. Read More

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Special Needs Parenting is Too Big to Do Alone

Families affected by disability are in chronic need of supportive community to do life together. But friends and even family—all with the best of intentions—can sometimes express comments that land more hurtful than helpful. Or they withdraw, intimidated, shushed into silence for fear of getting it wrong. Read More

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4 Things I Want to Be for My Grandkids

Nobody is making me do this. I do it because my grandkids love it, and if it makes their sticky faces light up, I’m all in. But my job as ‘Mimi’ is bigger than just bringing the fun. It’s not just about doing and buying, but also about... Read More

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Bigger Than Your House

I wasn’t expecting her joy to make me question mine. Part of my job as a youth pastor has been to rally parents to embrace the development and growing independence of their children. Especially as they enter middle school. I remind them of how important it is to... Read More

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It Takes a Circle

Humans were designed to live within community, but I’d let my desire for adventure interrupt the foundational relationships my son would need, the very ones I’d wanted for myself as a teenager. Read More