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The Warning Signs of Depression and Anxiety in Kids

While sometimes subtle, the signs of anxiety and depression are easy to spot in your child if you look really hard. As a parent, it is important to make sure that once you see these warning signs, they don’t go ignored. Read More

Featured | Mental Health | Social Life

4 Ways to Help Your Child Cope With Loneliness

Parents hate to think that their child might be lonely. And let’s face it, loneliness isn’t healthy for kids or adults.   Read More

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The Suicide Talk

Why should I talk to my kids about suicide? According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Around 45,000 people die every year by suicide. Comparatively, in 2017 there were around 17,200 reported homicides in the... Read More

Middle School (6th-8th) | Special Topics

4 Things You Can Do to Start the Conversation on Suicide With Your Middle Schooler

I was 20 years old when I lost someone I loved to suicide. He was a close member of my family, someone who had been living in our home for years before he passed. I still remember exactly where I was sitting in my dorm room the morning... Read More