How to Have a Mental Health Check-In With Your Teen and Preteen | Parent Cue Blog

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How to Have a Mental Health Check-In With Your Teen and Preteen

Whether your child is a preteen or a teen, mental health symptoms are widespread around this age. Studies show that mental health and substance use had been rising among adolescents… Read More
Five Ways to Help Your High Schooler Find Their Purpose | Parent Cue Blog

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Five Ways to Help Your High Schooler Find Their Purpose

Your high schooler will love and honor you as their parents by becoming the best version of the person God created them to be. It’s not your high schooler’s responsibility… Read More

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How Planning Can Make You a More Present Parent

With the first day of school looming a few weeks ago, my youngest son—ready to stroll into kindergarten—looked at me and said, “You have to get all of your work done while we’re in school so you can play with us every… Read More

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Why Time Away Might Not Fix Your Stress

Let me guess. You feel like you really need to de-stress. Of course you do...you’re a parent.  Pretty much every parent I talk to is tired. Well, more than just tired. Stressed. Deeply stressed. And kind of exhausted. There's a fatigue that… Read More

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The Important Role Grandparents Play

Six grandkids in six years has started me rethinking how I interact with my adult children, who are now parents.  More and more, I’m met with the fact that parenting isn’t a formula, and every kid is very different. I can’t expect… Read More

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Motherhood Is a Relationship, Not a Calling

Saying motherhood is a calling is an American privilege. Not every mother gets that choice. I know many single moms who would love to stay home with their kids—to make raising kids their job—but they can’t.   The very fact that I’m writing… Read More

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5 Things Your Kids May Be Worried About This School Year

In the next few weeks, most kids and teenagers will have returned to school. The beginning of any school year often generates feelings of nervousness, excitement, and the anticipation of what’s to come – for our kids and for us.  Let’s face… Read More

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How to Find the Right Routine as a Solo Parent

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a dad. Most kids I ran around with wanted to be an astronaut or a football player, but not me. I had bigger dreams. I wanted to be a dad. I looked forward… Read More

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7 Family Calendar and Scheduling Hacks

If you’re like most people, the calm—sometimes too calm—days of Covid have slowly been replaced by the full—sometimes too full—days of normal life.  With school and sports just around the corner, we’re bound to get even busier.  Enter: the seven hacks we… Read More

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Setting and Keeping Technology Boundaries

Technology—it’s a blessing and a curse for many parents.  What can provide ten minutes of entertainment for a crying toddler, and the resulting quiet that comes with it, can eventually turn harmful to an iPad-addicted ten-year-old. And, these days, it’s not a… Read More