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A Letter to Parents Who Hurt During the Holidays

Did you know you can do the holiday season differently this year, friend? Did you know that you can stop putting pressure on yourself, draw hard lines in the sand… Read More
4 Ways to Share Holiday Traditions as a Foster Family | Parent Cue Blog

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4 Ways to Share Holiday Traditions as a Foster Family

The unique blessing of being a foster family means you have the opportunity to create new traditions together by listening to your foster child and considering what would make the… Read More

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Have an Honest Conversation about Your Holiday Budget (Here’s How)

2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it?  That’s probably an understatement. For a lot of families, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways we’ll never forget. And, for some of us, it’s taken a hard toll on our bank… Read More

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4 Questions to Ask When You Notice a Shift in Your Child’s Behavior

My oldest daughter just entered middle school. No book, podcast, or theologian could have prepared me for how quickly she’d begin to change in the months leading up to her 11th birthday. The freedom to socialize and text her friends became the… Read More

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Take a Deep Breath: 5 Things That Are True Today

Well, friends, we made it. The drama of last week is behind us. And now we’re here.  And here looks like . . . being stuck in that head space between a tense presidential election and the holidays looming large on our… Read More

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You’re Not as Cool as TikTok, but You Can Be Just as Influential on Your Child

Am I the only parent who cries on my kids’ birthdays?  I’m a mom to three girls, and all four of our birthdays happen within thirty days. It’s a very busy (and expensive) time in our house—not to mention an emotional one. … Read More

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It’s Not Just You: Making Other Adult Friends Is Hard

By: Hanna Gilland  Just three days ago I was sitting in my small group at church and I mentioned that most of my friends these days are “virtual.”   Uhh, did I just say that? I thought to myself after it came out.… Read More

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What to Do When You Notice Your Kid Is Struggling Socially

You might parent a social butterfly, able to befriend even the most unlikely of people. Perhaps you parent an introverted child who struggles to form friendships.  Regardless of personality, every child faces social challenges. That social butterfly? I’m guessing he or she… Read More

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Left Out: How to Help Your Kid Through Heartbreak When They Weren’t Invited

We’ve all been there.  It’s the party that all your friends attended and you weren’t invited. It’s the time you got picked last for the basketball team. It’s that uncomfortable sense of not fitting in—whether it’s a one-time situation or an ongoing… Read More

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How to Support a Parent Who Has Experienced Pregnancy Loss

On paper, I am a mother to one four-year-old girl and a baby boy on the way. In my heart, I am a mother of four. My husband, Kevin, and I used to talk while we were dating about having four kids… Read More