Holly Crawshaw

Holly Crawshaw is a writer and editor who eats sour candy and laughs at her own jokes. A self-proclaimed cat-lady, Holly was on staff with North Point Ministries for eight years, working with volunteers, kids, and students. Holly currently serves as Lead Writer for Life Stage Strategies at Orange/The Rethink Group. Holly is raising three daughters, Lilah (the silly one), Esmae (the charming one), and Sailor (the sweet one) in her hometown of Cumming, GA.

How to Survive Divorce | Parent Cue Blog

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How to Survive Divorce as a Parent

The very first and very most important thing you can do to survive your divorce is to be honest about it.  Read More
The Newly Single Parent Holiday Survival Guide | Parent Cue Blog

Family Life | Mental Health | Seasonal | Self Care

The Newly-Single Parent Holiday Guide

It may take a few years to create a new “normal,” and that’s okay. Kids are resilient. But you know what? So are you.   Read More
20 Lessons I Learned in 2020 | Parent Cue Blog

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20 Things We Learned in 2020

I will move into 2021 knowing that I’m better than I was this time last year. Because when I look back on 2020, I’m struck with deep gratitude. Read More
You're Not As Cool As TikTok But You Can Be Just as Influential | Parent Cue Blog

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You’re Not as Cool as TikTok, but You Can Be Just as Influential on Your Child

As she gets older and moves from one phase to the next, my influence in her life will inevitably decrease. But it doesn’t have to go away. Read More
10 Affirmations for the Worried Parent | Parent Cue

Mental Health

10 Affirmations for the Worried Parent

Our minds are way more powerful than we could ever understand. The direction we point our thoughts directly determines the direction of our lives. And when we choose to worry (and… Read More
3 Ways to Survive Back to School Season

Create A Rhythm | School Life

3 Ways to Survive the Back-to-School Season

You’re never prepared for it – for that moment on your weekly (tri-weekly) trip to Target when the water toys and outdoor furniture sets are corralled into the clearance section… Read More
A Checklist for a Successful (Socially Distanced) School Year

Create A Rhythm | Family Life | Featured | School Life

A Checklist for a Successful Socially-Distanced School Year

We want to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Here's a checklist to prepare for the coming school year—which is sure to be like no other before it. Read More
How To Help Your Kids Get Along With One Another

Family Life

How to Help Your Kids Get Along With One Another

Thanks to Covid-19, most of us have been spending more time at home than ever before. I’m a mom to three girls, and if your house is anything like mine… Read More
Parenting When You're a Sensitive Person

Mental Health | School Life

Parenting When You’re a Sensitive Person

How many times had I made my kids’ actions or reactions a black mark against myself as a mother? Here’s the thing about parenting when you are a highly sensitive… Read More
Feeling Safe And Stuck At Home At The Same Time

Family Life | Make It Personal

Feeling Safe and Stuck at Home at the Same Time

It’s okay to be worried right now. It’s okay to not be okay with the state of life right now. But also, it’s good to search for the silver linings... Read More