Chajay Wise

Mom of 4. Wife. Writer. and certified foodie. Passion for families and helping other moms be the best version of them! You can follow her on Instagram @chajaywise. Look out for her new blog launching soon ( to read more on her writing about Marriage, Ministry, and Motherhood.

Create A Rhythm

Does Your Summer Have a Rhythm?

Summertime is here—and that means more free time for the little people in my home. Between pools, playdates, camps, and finding the right time to just relax, summer can be… Read More

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What Parenting Taught Me About Life

As parents, we are tasked to train our children and prepare them for the world . . . but sometimes those roles are reversed. Our children become the teachers, exposing… Read More
How to Help Your Kids Get Along

Family Life | Imagine The End

How to Help Your Kids Get Along

Child 1: Mom . . . (insert sibligs name here) just hit me. Child 2: No I didn’t . . . I just gave him a high five and hit… Read More