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Episode 80

PCL 80: The Importance of Establishing (and Reestablishing) Your Family’s Rhythm

Nina Schmidgall, director of family ministry at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., joins host, Carlos Whittaker, to talk about the important topic of setting your family’s rhythm according to… Read More
Episode BEST

Best Of PCL: Making The Most Of Your Family Rhythm

Sarah Anderson, co-author of the new student devotional Wired, Reggie Joiner, and Kristen Ivy discuss ways to be intentional with the moments that happen in the rhythm of your week… Read More

Celebrations | Create A Rhythm

Why It’s Important to Have Family Traditions

What does your family do during the holidays? How do you plan to celebrating July 4th together as a family? How important do you think it is to establish traditions for your family that become memories?  Experts claim that good traditions are… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Family Life

Why You Should Go on an Adventure with Your Family

I come from a family of campers. Tent campers, to be exact. I suppose it’s always been in my DNA, with parents who loved National Parks and toured us all around the great American West.  I can still vividly remember that cold,… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Family Activities

The Battle of the Bored

School’s been out for fifteen minutes . . . The bus is just pulling out of your neighborhood . . . And our signature on that last report card hasn’t even dried yet . . . When from the bowels of their… Read More