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What I want my daughter to know about love | Parent Cue Blog

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What I Want My Daughter to Know About Love

I’m not challenging you to look for perfection in someone. I’m challenging you to look for the progress they’re making on their own within themselves. Read More

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PCL 25: Avoiding the Comparison Trap

Sandra Stanley talks with Carlos Whittaker and Kristen Ivy about the perils of falling into the parenting comparison trap. As parents, we are constantly comparing ourselves to the highlight reels of other parents and comparing our kids to other kids. Sandra offers… Read More

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It’s Not Just You: Making Other Adult Friends Is Hard

By: Hanna Gilland  Just three days ago I was sitting in my small group at church and I mentioned that most of my friends these days are “virtual.”   Uhh, did I just say that? I thought to myself after it came out.… Read More

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Play is Essential for Parents, Too

There’s been one thing that has become clear to me through having kids that is missing in my life (and the life of many other people I know). Sound sleep, money in the bank, and a leisure day at the pool are… Read More