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Episode 73

PCL 73: How to Find Breathing Room in Our Everyday Lives

Sandra Stanley, a ministry leader, blogger, mom of three, and wife to Pastor Andy Stanley, joins us on the podcast today to talk about creating margin — or breathing room… Read More

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PCL 25: Avoiding the Comparison Trap

Sandra Stanley talks with Carlos Whittaker and Kristen Ivy about the perils of falling into the parenting comparison trap. As parents, we are constantly comparing ourselves to the highlight reels of other parents and comparing our kids to other kids. Sandra offers… Read More

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Play is Essential for Parents, Too

There’s been one thing that has become clear to me through having kids that is missing in my life (and the life of many other people I know). Sound sleep, money in the bank, and a leisure day at the pool are… Read More

Make It Personal

Unique Rest

Each of us has a unique pattern that recharges us. I remember the first time I became aware of this.  We were on our way to a family gathering.  The kids were in the car, and my wife Toni and I were… Read More

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Feeling Safe and Stuck at Home at the Same Time

You’ve probably seen hundreds of memes related to the Covid-19 virus that have recently flooded the internet and social media. What makes a meme work is that there is some universally understood truth behind their meaning. If I could reduce all the… Read More