Joanna Easley


Joanna Easley is Parent Cue's Executive Director of Marketing. When she isn't digging into strategy, reviewing content, and developing systems, Joanna enjoys writing, all athletic pursuits, seeing the world and great conversation with her loved ones. Joanna, her husband Tony, and incredibly active little boy, Ezekiel, call Chattanooga, Tennessee home.

What If I'm Not Enjoying Every Moment | Parent Cue Blog

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What If I’m Not “Enjoying Every Moment”?

Parenting is hard, no matter the phase you’re in. We may not like every moment, but we love our kids. Read More
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4 Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Family This Year

With just a tiny bit of intentionality, these conversations and activities can add up to create an environment in your family that supports a long-term healthy lifestyle. Read More