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Episode 73

PCL 73: How to Find Breathing Room in Our Everyday Lives

Sandra Stanley, a ministry leader, blogger, mom of three, and wife to Pastor Andy Stanley, joins us on the podcast today to talk about creating margin — or breathing room… Read More
Parent Cue Live Episode 44
Episode 44

PCL 44: How To Identify What’s Holding You Back In Your Life

Author and Catalyst Conference-speaker Carlos Whittaker talks about the idea behind his new book, “Kill The Spider,” and how you can identify and eliminate untruths in your life to become… Read More

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PCL 25: Avoiding the Comparison Trap

Sandra Stanley talks with Carlos Whittaker and Kristen Ivy about the perils of falling into the parenting comparison trap. As parents, we are constantly comparing ourselves to the highlight reels of other parents and comparing our kids to other kids. Sandra offers a healthier perspective and gives an... Read More

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PCL 22: Therapy Is Okay

Licensed Counselor, Dr. Chinwe Williams, talks with authors Kristen Ivy and Carlos Whittaker about the benefits of families seeking counseling and how it’s especially effective as a preventive measure rather than waiting until something goes wrong. Read More

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Take a Deep Breath: 5 Things That Are True Today

The truth has the power to ground us when things around us seem unsteady.  Read More

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23 Things We Learned in 2023

This was a trying year for some. As you take some time to reflect on everything you’ve experienced and grown from this year, here’s what we learned. Read More

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3 Easy Steps for Building Better Relationships (Even If You’re Busy)

We were meant to grow in relationship with each other and ourselves. To be known and loved for who we are and to extend this same grace to our close friends and family.  Read More

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Why Investing In Your Joy Is Important (And 7 Ways To Do It)

When you take care of yourself, your life and the lives of those around you gain so much richness when you are okay. Read More

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Asking for Help Doesn’t Make You a Bad Parent (It Makes You a Better One)

“It takes a village!” You’ve said it. Or you’ve heard it. But have you ever lived it?  Read More

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2022 Mental Health Goals for Every Parent

We can’t say for sure when the outside world will return to normal. So we thought it might be best to focus on the inner world of mental health. Today, let’s talk through a few goals we might carry into the new year to bolster us as parents... Read More