It’s January. It’s a time when we change the calendar and see that another 12 months have passed and think we should do the things we said we’d do the last time we changed the calendar. I know, because last January that’s what I did.

Where I work there’s this gym. Every time I park my car I see people going into the gym where I assumed they work out and get in better shape. I went into my office and sat down. Sometimes I could see them out the window. I thought if I joined THOSE people I’d have to make a huge lifestyle change. Last year a friend invited me to make a little change. Keyword there – LITTLE. He told me that if I would just go into that gym and move for 20 minutes, three times a week, it would change my life. I thought it would take hours a day, but my friend was a marine so I listened.

The first few months, I made every excuse to not invest those minutes. But I went. It was a little change in my life. I had 20 minutes three times a week. After half the calendar pages were turned it got easier. It became a habit. I started to … ahem … enjoy it.

Now I’ve changed my calendar, and I’m in a better place than I was last year at this time. Because of a little change to my schedule I’m feeling better physically. I’m able to do more things without the aches and pains of what I used to blame on growing older. Some big changes happened in my life because of a consistent LITTLE change.

In this episode of the Parent Cue Live podcast, we want to help parents think about being a spiritual leader in their home. It sounds like a huge change. It sounds overwhelming. It sounds like it will take a lot of time. I don’t know any parent who feels like they’re really an expert at it. We all feel like we’d have to rearrange our entire life to make any difference in our kid’s lives. The truth is, little changes over time make a huge difference. It may take a little change.

You can use four little words – Hear, Pray, Talk, Live – to help you make a little change that has huge results in your family.

  1. HEAR – How does your family hear God? What is one little thing you can do this week to help your child hear from Him?
  2. PRAY – Do you pray with your kids at mealtime, bedtime, before school? Could you set aside a minute or two to start?
  3. TALK – When was the last time you talked about your understanding of God with your child? Do they know where you are on your faith journey?
  4. LIVE – How are you showing your child how you live out your faith? Is it worship? Service? What is a little thing you can do to help them understand that faith isn’t just a part of how we live. It determines everything about who we are as we live out our lives.

Little changes this year– a prayer, reading a story, specific time set aside to talk, and committing to a regular time to worship… Any of these will make a huge difference for you and your family before you change your calendar again.

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