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Why Your Kids Need Five Other Adults in Their Lives

I have something like 1,300 contacts in my phone. No doubt, 1,300 is a crazy number. You might have double that, or half that. It's just the world we live in. But even if you only had 100, you wouldn't really know each… Read More

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Shutting Down Gossip and Building Character

It was one of those major learning lessons in my parenting life. My wife Cathy and I were “speculating” at the kitchen table one day that one of our neighbors were probably getting a divorce. The husband hadn’t been around, and Cathy… Read More

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31 Things to Say to Help Teens Navigate Relationships

Helping my teenagers learn how to navigate relationships has been the biggest part of my twenty years of parenting. Hands down. Teachers, friends, coaches, dating, teammates, family . . . So. Many. Discussions. My guess is that you too will have more discussions with… Read More

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Raising Kids Who Embrace Those Who are Different

“Mommy, what’s wrong with that kid?” Your child just blurted out an earnest question. . . in front of someone who appears to have a disability or simply looks different, somehow. Yikes. As a mother to a child with autism, my son… Read More

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Helping Kids Learn to Deal with Friends Who Are Mean

If there’s one parenting goal that I want to consistently crush, it’s to be relentlessly vigilant when it comes to my kids’ friendships. If you follow this blog, you know that we talk a lot about the importance of community and friendship… Read More

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Inviting Grandparents In

I will just go ahead and say it, my grandkids are brilliant geniuses. First grader Maggie can read the word ‘pinkalicious’, four-year-old Mollie can smell chocolate a mile away and baby Mason can fill a diaper like nobody’s business. Okay, some might… Read More

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Teaching Your Kids Radical Respect

Today’s culture is bringing an unhealthy sexualization to our kids at a younger and younger age. We were 4, 6, 9, 12, and 15 at one point, but we were never their age. They experience so much so young. With the onset… Read More

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A Book Review: Siblings Without Rivalry

“Someday when you guys are older you will like each other and be best friends.” They’d been bickering. Again. But did I really just say that? How can I possibly know that? Is that just wishful thinking for my oldest son and… Read More

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Walking A Child Through Heartbreak

Going back to my parents’ house is like going through a time warp. My old bedroom is exactly how I left it when I graduated high school. This past Christmas, while visiting, I came across an old journal. I picked up at… Read More

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3 Ways to Help Your Kids with Peer Pressure

“If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” My mom, and most likely every mom ever, used to say this to me when I was young. She wasn’t specifically worried about me jumping off a bridge. That wasn’t a popular… Read More