Jenna Scott

Jenna Scott loves Jesus, her husband Dan, their four children and anything that has words. After retiring from teaching high school English, she began writing fun things like flight manuals and VBS curriculum, and she loves volunteering in schools. She is the Lead Communication Strategist for OneHope, and is living the dream in Cumming, Georgia.

Guiltless Lessons of Love

Fight For The Heart | Make It Personal

Guiltless Lessons of Love

We all want to teach our kids to put others before themselves and treat others the way they want to be treated. But how in the world do you do… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Family Life

Why Kids (and Parents) Need Routine

“What is going on? Why is he having a meltdown when we tell him it’s bedtime? He’s nine!” My husband and I slumped into seats across from each other at… Read More
The Cure for the Common Complaint

Fight For The Heart | Imagine The End

The Cure for the Common Complaint

My kids and I spent a month this summer living with their grandparents. There were cousins to play with, a new puppy, cable and On Demand, and a gorgeous pool… Read More


Cooperation Makes It Happen

Sesame Street was right, Cooperation makes it happen! As a mom of four, I can attest that chaos reigns when no one is getting along and everyone is trying to… Read More