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Special Announcement

Parent Cue Live podcast hosts, Carlos Whittaker and Kristen Ivy, update us on their summer fun and announce the brand new Parent Cue Live Event coming to 17 cities across… Read More
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PCL [Bonus]: How to Talk with Your Kids About the Election Results

On the day after the election, how are we supposed to talk to our kids about the outcome of the election? Listen in on this impromptu, thought-provoking discussion with Carlos… Read More


Redefining Social Media

If you ever want to sound old when it comes to discussing technology, just add the word “the” before you say the name of it. Watch, I’ll show you: I like to watch my soaps on “the television.” My kids are on… Read More


Why Giving Your Kids Every Advantage Is a Disadvantage

Before I became a dad, I made a decision: I wanted to give my kids every advantage. When my wife and I welcomed our first son, I was ready. Our little car filled up with baby gear so plentiful we almost needed… Read More


Time to Refuel

Sometimes the most important thing that can happen in your kid’s life is what happens in your life. For me, the race to nowhere started at age seventeen. I took extra courses in high school, played varsity baseball, worked two jobs, and… Read More



Your kids need you more than you need them. That’s easy to see in the first years of life. I mean, let’s face it, you don’t need your kid in order to . . . get yourself out of bed, ease your… Read More


Boy Noises

"Have you noticed that your son makes a lot of noises?" My son's teacher questioned me a few weeks into the school year, her head tilted and eyebrows raised. My eyes popped open wide, aghast as I tried to imagine what sort… Read More


Parenting Like A Boss

The other day I read an interesting article called, “How Being a Good Boss is Like Being a Good Parent.” It was an interesting concept from a business consultant who wanted to encourage those who lead in the business world to treat… Read More