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Special Announcement

Parent Cue Live podcast hosts, Carlos Whittaker and Kristen Ivy, update us on their summer fun and announce the brand new Parent Cue Live Event coming to 17 cities across… Read More
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PCL [Bonus]: How to Talk with Your Kids About the Election Results

On the day after the election, how are we supposed to talk to our kids about the outcome of the election? Listen in on this impromptu, thought-provoking discussion with Carlos… Read More


Technology and Kids: Facing Your Fears

Millions of smart phones, tablet computers and other portable devices are being sold every month (sometimes even in a single weekend), and more and more are making their way into the hands of our sons and daughters. A lot of this is… Read More


Is Parent Cue Christian?

This question has been asked from time to time, so it may be helpful to do an introduction for those who have started following along and are wondering, “Who is Parent Cue?” Parent Cue is Christian While not everything that Parent Cue… Read More


Technology Tips: Freedom Is a Goal Not a Gift

Jon Acuff continues his series of technology tips with an important reminder for parents: Freedom for our kids is a goal we are working toward, it is not an automatic gift. We have to first help them know how to use the… Read More