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Dangers of an Ungrateful Life

I personally think it's important to be intentional about showing gratitude every day. We all look forward to our annual celebrations each year to celebrate the big and little things… Read More


The Questions To Ask So Homework Is Their Work

As parents, we are constantly trying to find the right balance between the extremes. Hands on or hands off? Am I doing too much? Or am I doing too little?… Read More

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The Suicide Talk

Most parents know when they have kids that at some point they’ll have “the talk.” The one about the birds and the bees that incites awkwardness. Or some parents will leave a book with confusing anatomical drawings. (Thanks Mom) Even still, there… Read More


Four Things You Can Do to Start The Conversation on Suicide with Your Middle Schooler

I was 20 years old when I lost someone I loved to suicide. He was a close member of my family, someone who had been living in our home for years before he passed. I still remember exactly where I was sitting… Read More


The Growing Up Dance

Several months ago, when reading a book to my four-year-old, I read the word embarrassed. “What’s that mean?” he asked. “It’s feeling like you look silly to people when you don’t want to”, I explained. “Like when I was Winnie the Pooh?”… Read More