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Mike Tiemann

Mike grew up in northern California and grew to love writing while studying English at the University of Puget Sound. He and his wife Julie live north of Atlanta, Georgia, and have been married since 2001. They have two growing daughters who know that church is the most fun and exciting place on the planet!

Celebrations | Character and Values | Christmas | Compassion

What’s on Your Christmas List?

You probably have lots of vivid memories that come to mind when you remember celebrating Christmas as a kid. Read More

Family Life | Fight For The Heart

Building Bridges With Your Kids

Picture it. Family movie night. You’ve just popped an industrial-size bowl full of popcorn. You’ve got a mug of hot chocolate for each kid, with exactly 13 mini marshmallows each.… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Family Life

Why You Should Go on an Adventure with Your Family

I come from a family of campers. Tent campers, to be exact. I suppose it’s always been in my DNA, with parents who loved National Parks and toured us all… Read More
Episode 78

PCL 78: How to Raise Confident Kids

Mike Tiemann, large group director for 252 Kids at The reThink Group, joins host, Kristen Ivy, to talk about how to instill confidence — yet maintain humility — in kids… Read More