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The Only Thing Your Kids Need for Christmas

Our kids won’t remember what they got for Christmas this year. Our kids will remember how they felt this holiday season. Read More
4 Ways to Share Holiday Traditions as a Foster Family | Parent Cue Blog

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4 Ways to Share Holiday Traditions as a Foster Family

The unique blessing of being a foster family means you have the opportunity to create new traditions together by listening to your foster child and considering what would make the… Read More

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Have an Honest Conversation about Your Holiday Budget (Here’s How)

2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it?  That’s probably an understatement. For a lot of families, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways we’ll never forget. And, for some of us, it’s taken a hard toll on our bank… Read More

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20 Memorable Family Christmas Traditions

Traditions are important for families because they provide opportunities to keep your family legacy going. From the simple to the silly to the sentimental, traditions can create meaningful memories. Don’t hesitate to try out some new traditions this Christmas season and see… Read More

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Joy in the Chaos

My son is asking for a car this Christmas. He’s four. He started asking one month ago. And I— foolishly—thought it would be an idea that waned with time. Not so much. He gets fixated on things and doesn’t let go. Which… Read More