Character and Values

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Best Of PCL: How Serving Changes Kids

Dr. Kara Powell, executive director at Fuller Youth Institute, joins Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy to discuss how serving others helps grow kids’ character and faith by connecting to a… Read More
Episode 78

PCL 78: How to Raise Confident Kids

Mike Tiemann, large group director for 252 Kids at The reThink Group, joins host, Kristen Ivy, to talk about how to instill confidence — yet maintain humility — in kids… Read More

Character and Values | Imagine The End

PCL 24: Generosity

Jon Williams (father, actor, and writer), Kristen Ivy, and Reggie Joiner sit down and talk about how practicing generosity with your kids has the potential to help them live richer lives. Listen to Parent Cue Live The Parent Cue Live podcast is available on… Read More