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Dangers of an Ungrateful Life

I personally think it's important to be intentional about showing gratitude every day. We all look forward to our annual celebrations each year to celebrate the big and little things… Read More

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The Other Side of Comparison

As parents, we know to teach our kids not to compare. With social media it’s easy for teenagers to compare their lives against the lives of their friends. For elementary… Read More

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Building Wisdom with the Weight of Your Words

When you become a parent there’s a phrase you start throwing around: “My parents did __________, but I will never do that.” My parents said ___________, but I’ll never say that. I’ll never yell. I’ll never try to cut bedtime short. I’ll… Read More

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How Kids Can Make the Wise Choice

It was another average weekday. Shortly after arriving home from work, I’m routinely rifling through the pile of papers pulled from my 2nd grader’s backpack. Amidst the assortment of math worksheets, writing assignments and doodles, I see one yellow slip of paper.… Read More

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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Wise Choices

Any of these sound familiar? Dad, can I ride my skateboard down the driveway and into the street? Mom, can we jump off the roof into the pool? Mom, can I slide down the banister? Dad, can I jump on that beehive… Read More

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Honesty: A Big Thing That’s Built In Small Ways

Restaurants are one of the greatest places to teach your kids honesty. Amusement parks are good, too. A movie theater will work in a pinch as well. How? What do those three things have in common? Age restrictions. Restaurant menus, amusement parks,… Read More