Dan Scott

Dan Scott is the Large Group Director for 252 Basics Group at Orange. He spends most of his time leading a creative team of talented writers that innovate our large group environments. Prior to coming on board at Orange, Dan served as the Elementary Children’s Director at Ada Bible Church. He enjoys traveling around the world coaching children’s ministry leaders and speaking to kids and students. He blogs about life and ministry at danscottblog.com. Dan and his wife Jenna live in Cumming, GA and have four amazing kids: Liam, Ellison, Addison, and Taye.

Episode 84

PCL 84: How to Raise Motivated Kids

Dan Scott, a children’s ministry speaker, coach, and large group director for 252 Basics at the reThink Group, shares with host, Kristen Ivy, his ideas on how to foster the… Read More
Why Kids Need Fiction Parent Cue Live Podcast
Episode 28

PCL 28: Why Kids Need Fiction

Dan Scott has extensively researched the power of story. In this episode, he talks with Kristen Ivy about how kids are wired to use stories, even fictional stories, to help… Read More
Helping Preteens Discover Courage

Character and Values | Middle School (6th-8th)

Helping Preteens Discover Courage

Preteens are feeling caught in their schedule, their access to culture, and the pressure to succeed. And the expectations placed on them are often too unrealistic for them to handle.… Read More
Parenting (and Teaching) a Child with Special Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Current Events | Special Topics

Parenting (and Teaching) a Child With Special Needs During COVID-19

 Just like that we were no longer “just” parents of a child with special needs. We were also teachers of a child with special needs. And playing the roles of teacher,… Read More
Stories That Teach Forgiveness

Character and Values | Imagine The End

Stories That Teach Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be hard. We all have this tendency to our hurt and carry it around like a weight in a backpack. We just keep piling in those hurts, until… Read More
Be Okay With Saying "I Don't Know"


Be Okay With Saying “I Don’t Know”

When your kids start asking tough questions about faith, be ready with answers, but also be okay with saying, “I Don’t Know.”  Read More

Character and Values

Teaching Your Kids Self-Control

Self-control is one of the major factors to living a productive life. Self-control keeps us from over-eating, over-spending, over-watching, over-anything really. It helps us stay cool under pressure and keeps… Read More
How to Help Preteens Navigate Friendship Drama

Elementary (K-5th) | Middle School (6th-8th)

How to Help Preteens Navigate Friendship Drama

Today’s preteens are navigating the same reality—only now with texting, social media, and constant connectivity. Read More
A Few Things to Know About Preteens

Elementary (K-5th) | Fight For The Heart

A Few Things to Know About Preteens

This time of the year is filled with anticipation. By now some of you are a well into the school year while others of you are just getting started. Either… Read More
5 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Wise Choices

Character and Values | Imagine The End

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Wise Choices

Any of these sound familiar? Dad, can I ride my skateboard down the driveway and into the street? Mom, can we jump off the roof into the pool? Mom, can… Read More